The trend of t-shirts has been a well-appreciated trend in the world of fashion for a very long time. Fashion is unique in its own way and every piece of fashion comes with its own waves of dos and don’ts. T-shirts are a great fit for both the old and young but trying to style using a t-shirt can be very stressful at times. But really, what rocks better than wearing a nice printed t-shirt? Not much. Unlike what is believed by many, a good and nice print on a t-shirt can pull an outfit together with ease –adding an amazing look to your outfit, making you look trendy and dapper.

If you have a printed t-shirt that has been hiding at the bottom of your clothes because of difficulty in styling them, then you might just need to get it out soon because this article will show you all the nice ways to rock your printed tees.

Here are some of the carefully selected ways by which you can rock your printed t-shirts to look chic and dapper.

  • Printed t-shirt with a nice suit pant

Now, who said tees are strictly unofficial? Nowadays, lots of people have adopted the style of wearing their printed tees with a nice suit pant. Wearing a t-shirt in instead of a button-down shirt unlike what is the regular around town makes you look chic. You begin to radiate a fun-loving, youthful and trendy look to people. Now tell me what’s not to like about a girl with a pantsuit and a printed t-shirt to match!

  • Printed t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans

Everyone is all about the rage of ripped jeans for most of their outings. Jazzing up your outfit with a nice phenomenal t-shirt and a cool pair of ripped jeans is a perfect outfit for an outing. This is a quintessential combo. Now all you need is a cool pair of sneakers, trendy sandals or nice pair heels and you are good to go, whether a first date or just hanging out with friends.

  • Printed t-shirt and a polka-dot skirt

Have you considered what a printed t-shirt and the combo of a polka-dot skirt would be? Well, tees work particularly well with polka dot skirts and is an elegant outfit for your dinner or a cool night out. You can slay using this outfit with a nice pair of heels. The very good part about this outfit is that it can easily translate from a day wear to an evening wear. Any added extra such as necklaces, watches or bracelets is a really good one depending on what suits you better.

  • Wear your printed t-shirt tucked into your high-waist shorts

Now for girls who like the skimpy and trendy wears, you can use a printed t-shirt tucked into your high-waist shorts and look elegant and debonair! This combination of wearing a printed t-shirt and high waist shorts will give you a casual yet fashionable look which is perfect for your day-day outfit.

So, you can pull out those t-shirts and start styling or call up @phenomenaltees for a nice custom made tee to rock with your fav pair of jeans!

Be Phenomenal!

Mrs. Tee

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